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Semi-automatic EGR Valve Test System

The Four Station Double-Tooled Dial test stand pictured above is one of Two (2) mirrored systems used to test Exhaust Gas Recirculating (EGR) Valves. Each system had four (4) stations with two (2) parts in each station. The operator would load two (2) parts to the fixtures at the load station and depress the start button. When the automatic stations completed their operations, the dial would index and take the parts from the load position and transfer them to the leak test station where an automatic seat leak and body leak test was performed. Upon completion of this cycle, the parts would then be transferred to the flow test station where the part was automatically “opened” and “closed while the flow was monitored and compared to the preset limits to check the hysterisis of the valve. Upon completion of this test, the parts were transferred to the unload station where the parts were automatically unloaded into the accept or reject conveyor.